League Cup appeal outcome

Oct 15, 2021 | Archive

Larne Football Club today received notification from the IFA Appeals Board that it had upheld our dismissal from this season’s Bet McLean League Cup, over an eligibility issue.

Three weeks ago we were made aware of NIFL’s decision to dismiss the club from this season’s competition, as well as imposing a £250 fine, after it had been found there was an issue with the registration of a player.

Following this, we were given the opportunity to submit an appeal to the IFA Appeals Board, which was heard this week.

The Board this afternoon informed us of the decision to uphold the club’s dismissal from the competition.

However, the Board did note its ‘considerable sympathy’ due to the technicality on the Comet registration which has led to the outcome, and rescinded the £250 fine.

As a club, we would like to thank vice-chairman, Andrew Scullion, for the substantial work he put into the club’s appeal.

Whilst we are naturally disappointed that our appeal has not changed the outcome of the ruling, we accept their conclusion. Our efforts will go into ensuring that we are not in this position in the future.

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