Make It A Night To Remember

Feb 1, 2019 | Archive

WE are expecting a sell out crowd for Friday’s Tennent’s Irish Cup Quarter Final, which is live on BBC 2.

It promises to be a fantastic occasion not just for our club, but the whole town. We know Tiernan Lynch’s men will give their all and represent Larne in the best possible way and we are asking, you, the supporters to do the same.

Be part of the game, cheer your team on and show pride in where you come from and what we have achieved so far.

This is your club and we also ask that you do your bit to protect our club. Please don’t bring any smoke bombs or flares to the ground. They aren’t allowed. They aren’t necessary and they ruin the game for your fellow supporters.

Please don’t enter onto the pitch at any time. Please don’t do anything that will reflect poorly on our club, and as always, please co-operate with staff and stewards.

PSNI is supporting Larne FC in their call for supporters to show respect and tolerance at this Friday’s Irish Cup fixture at home to Coleraine FC.

Club Chairman Gareth Clements said: “There is a lot of support for Irish football, not just here in Larne, but across the country and for the most part people are there to cheer on their side, watch some good football, and have a great day out. All we are asking is that our supporters and the visiting fans behave in a manner that reflects the great reputation of both clubs.”

Sergeant McIlroy from the Larne Neighbourhood Team added: “You can show your love for your team without getting involved in fights and disorder with rival supporters so that means leaving the flares and smoke bombs at home. There will be a policing operation in place to provide reassurance to home and visiting fans and the wider community. We ask that anyone attending co-operates with the stewards and works with us to ensure it’s an enjoyable night for all concerned.”


#NoOneWantsABanningOrder #FriendlyRivalry

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