FM 2019 Competition Winners Announced

Jan 20, 2019 | Archive

IF you’re a fan of the Football Manager computer game franchise, then there is a good chance you will know about #TheLarneProject YouTube series by the WorkTheSpace YouTube Channel.

Jack took charge of the Inver Reds in Football Manager 2019 and attempted to follow our Aspire to Inspire document as well as aiming to achieve the club’s ambitions over the five year period Aspire to Inspire covers.

As part of #TheLarneProject, we had two copies of Football Manager 2019 signed by Shane McEleney and Fuad Sule to give away. We asked you to follow our Twitter page @larnefc and tell us your favourite moment of the series so far.

The winners were Darren Taylor and Josh Montgomery. Josh (pictured above) was presented with his prize by Shane McEleney.

You can still follow #TheLarneProject at the WorkTheSpace channel at

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