Construction work on Church End gets underway

Dec 24, 2020 | Archive

Larne Football Club is delighted to announce work is now underway on the construction of a new stand at the Church End of Inver Park.

The construction of the new 600-seat stand, is a project which has been supported by Mid and East Antrim Borough Council, with the process to remove the old terracing having already got underway.

Once complete, the new complex will give the provision of 600 seats, including space for wheelchair users. The stand will also include toilet facilities, food servery, drugs and treatment rooms. It will also allow the club to satisfy the requirements of both domestic and UEFA licensing.

The work, being carried out by Whiteside Contracting Limited, represents Phase 7 of the redevelopment of Inver Park, which began two and half years ago. While there will be many challenges to overcome, such as Covid-19 and Brexit, the construction team have set the target of having the work complete by Spring 2021.

The previous phases, which have all been completed at the stadium, are:

  1. Replacement synthetic pitch
  2. Erection of new state-of-the-art floodlighting
  3. Improvement works to existing Landmark stand and terrace
  4. Construction of McKay Stand
  5. Construction of Camera Gantry
  6. Refurbishment of Players Changing Rooms

Phase 8 will be the replacement of the current Landmark Main Stand, with the planning application having been lodged at the beginning of this week.

Speaking on the current work taking place, Chairman Gareth Clements said: “It is great that we have finally got the diggers in, and spades in the ground at the Church End of the stadium. 

 “As a project it has taken a long time in bringing it from the planning stages to fruition. Covid-19 has delayed us in delivering it quicker than anticipated as opposed to derailing us – paying salaries and keeping the lights on had to take preference over building works, call it ‘sanity over vanity’ if you like.

 “I can assure everyone that come the Spring of 2021, we will have a development similar to the McKay Stand, that as a club, a town and a supporter base we will all be extremely proud of.

“I keep talking about winning in bite sized pieces, and this will be another piece of the jigsaw firmly in place upon completion. 

“Finally, a little ray of positivity breaking through the darkness of 2020.”

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