Spotlight on…Inver Red & Whites

Aug 6, 2020 | Archive

THE Inver Red & Whites are in the spotlight this week as they feature in our Supporters Club series.

Billy Reid provides an insight into his club and his thoughts for the upcoming season.

Billy Reid – Inver Red & Whites 

When and how was your club founded? 

The Inver Red and Whites Supporters Club was formed in 2001. The reason behind the formation of the club in the town was that another local Supporters Club had stopped functioning and so there was an opening for us to take its place.

What is your favourite away trip with your Supporters Club?  

My favourite away trip for me personally was Armagh, I used to really look forward to travelling down to Armagh when we were in the same division. I thought the hospitality provided was very good and we were always treated very well. With Larne moving up the divisions we do not get a chance to travel to Armagh anymore, however, I am looking forward to the other away days with the club to watch our team.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming season? 

I am really looking forward to the upcoming season, I have missed Larne playing since the season was stopped and cannot wait to get back to Inver to watch them. I hope we can get behind the team and use last season as a springboard for further success.

How do you join your club? 

You can apply to join The Inver Red & Whites by contacting any of the committee members, or by speaking to any member and we can get you in touch with them!

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