Enhancements made to live streaming at Inver Park

Jan 24, 2021 | Archive

AHEAD of Tuesday night’s #DanskeBankPrem clash with Coleraine at Inver Park, Larne Football Club is keen to update supporters on the steps taken to improve our streaming service over the past number of weeks.

During the recent break in play, the club has taken time to consider feedback from supporters which has come over the course of the season and while we credit the hard work and dedication of our volunteers to date, the following issues have been acknowledged:

– Inconsistent image quality throughout games.

– Streams failing to start at the pre-advertised time.

– Equipment issues which have hampered the ability to deliver a high-quality stream.

– On occasions, the stream crashing for a number, if not all supporters.

At the beginning of January, our General Manager Niall Curneen, assisted by the media team, held a positive review meeting with employees at 247.tv which resulted in the following outcomes:

– The delivery of new streaming equipment to Inver Park which can be kept at the stadium for testing purposes. Our volunteers had previously been borrowing equipment owned by 247.tv from other NIFL clubs to facilitate each stream.

– Enhanced checks in advance of kick-off times, to ensure that each stream starts promptly with no technical issues.

– A new streaming unit which will be used by employees at 247.tv to improve image quality and connection.

On top of this, Larne Football Club is committed to maximising the value for money which supporters receive when purchasing a stream. As a result, each stream will begin 30 minutes before kick-off with a pre-match show, followed by exclusive half-time video content for viewers to enjoy.

Head of Media, Ian Cahoon said: “We are thankful for both the support and feedback provided by supporters during the initial launch of our streaming service.

“While a high proportion of feedback has been positive, we recognise that our service isn’t quite where we wanted it to be and to change this, a number of volunteers are working tirelessly week by week to improve the quality of our output. We are now confident after speaking with personnel at 247.tv that any technical issues which we have experienced will not appear again.”

In advance of Tuesday night, supporters are advised to head over to the 247.tv website and use the ‘Test My Device’ service to ensure that their household device is compatible and able to run the stream.

It is recommended that each supporter should use a laptop device with an updated browser and strong WiFi connection for maximum performance.

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