Two local schools benefit from Laptops for Larne

May 27, 2021 | Archive

Both Corran Integrated Primary School and St Anthony’s Primary School have secured two brand new laptops as a result of the ‘Laptops for Larne’ campaign.

The RUSA Foundation and Brighter Futures, supported by Larne Football Club, launched the appeal in the hope of providing as many children as possible with laptops for educational purposes.

Larne first team players Fuad Sule and Lee Lynch are photographed visiting St Anthony’s Primary School to deliver theirs.

Mrs. Denise MacFarlane, Principal of Corran Integrated Primary School, said: “On behalf of the pupils, parents, staff and Board of Governors at Corran Integrated Primary School, I would like to thank Larne FC for their very generous donation of two new laptops. We will make sure that the devices are put to good use within our school community.  In our rapidly changing world, the development of good ICT skills has never been more important: our children will benefit immensely from access to such high-quality technology.”

Ms. Áine Fleming, Principal of St Anthon’s Primary School, added: “We at St Anthony’s Primary School are extremely grateful to Larne Football Club and Brighter Futures for their kind donation of two laptops for families. It is heartening to know that the community in Larne value our children’s education so highly and are willing to support us in ensuring our children have greater access to technology to enhance their learning. Thank you!”

Sandara Kelso-Robb, Brighter Futures Strategic Advisor, said: “Making laptops available will be a long-term programme for us as there will always be a digital gap in the community. If you want to be considered for a laptop, or know of someone in need, please contact me at this address –”

If you wish to donate cash towards the appeal to help with costs of refurbishments, printers, ink and paper, please visit:

Further Information:

Brighter Futures Fund, supported by Larne Football Club, is a vehicle for development, regeneration and support within the Larne community that encourages everyone to improve their health and well-being through the provision of access to first class sporting and recreational facilities, grants and other charitable resources.

To find out more about Brighter Futures and Larne Football Club, visit:

Based in the UK, The Rusa Foundation was founded and is funded by Ross Lazaroo-Hood and Sitki Gelmen, of Landmark Underwriting. It aims to support local communities through grassroots sport, giving a helping hand to underprivileged families and disadvantaged children.

For more information on what the RUSA Foundation can offer, visit:

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