Robinson twins on their footballing differences

Mar 10, 2023 | Womens, All News

Anyone who has watched our women’s team over the past year may have thought they were seeing double.

That is because sisters Rebekah and Rachel Robinson both emerged as first team players last season and they are not only siblings but identical twins.

Their similarities are not just in their appearance either. Both girls are right-footed, have been at the Inver Reds for two years, and have represented their country up to the U15 level.

Despite their short careers, their likeness has already led to cases of confusion on the pitch. Speaking on Monday, Rebekah told the story of how on one occasion a referee got them confused.

“There was one time last year when I went in for a challenge, which in my opinion it was a perfectly fair one,” she said.

The referee clearly didn’t like it and blew for a foul. I then saw him getting out the yellow card, but he actually walked straight over to Rachel and booked her for the tackle.”

The sisters joined Larne two years ago and are two very different players on the pitch. Rebekah is a strong central defender whereas Rachel plays in centre midfield.

Off the pitch, they share a strong relationship, but Rachel says their common love of football is something that brings them closer.

“We have a really good relationship off the pitch, and we always have but playing football, especially for the same team definitely helps.”

Despite having never played against each other, the pair also maintain a competitive nature on the pitch which most siblings would relate to;

“We are very competitive between ourselves, if one of us scores the other one then wants to go try and do the same.

I think it makes us play better having someone else on the pitch who you are trying to get the better of,” said Rachel.

Over the past few weeks, the girls have been back preparing for their transition into adult football, after playing for the club’s academy sides.

The Inver Women have been working hard to be ready for their first league game which is just weeks away. Rebekah believes the effort the side are putting in has not only been enjoyable but will put the side in good stead for the season ahead;

“Pre-season so far has been really good, we train three times a week and it has been tough work, we have been playing some practice games, which have been good tests also.”

“I think we are going to have a really good season, we will play against some good teams, but I think we can really challenge them and do well in the Premiership.”

The women’s league campaign gets underway with an away trip against Sion Swifts Ladies on April 21, meanwhile, their first home game is the following week against Lisburn Ladies

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