Olderfleet PS receive Brighter Futures laptop boost

Jul 18, 2023 | Charity

The Trustees of the Brighter Futures Community Fund Programme were delighted to support Olderfleet Primary School with their purchase of 18 new laptops this academic year.

As the world becomes more focused on the use of digital technology, Olderfleet Primary School set an objective to provide its pupils with greater access to devices, thus enabling them to develop their IT literacy, both in the classroom and at home.

The 18 new laptop devices have enabled Olderfleet PS to set up a new mobile IT suite, that will be used to make pupils more familiar with IT equipment at an early age and further develop these skills, as they progress through education. The laptops will also be used by pupils to complete work at home, with many families not owning laptops or desktop computers, which are used to complete work in today’s education system.

Roy Logan, a Brighter Futures Trustee and retired school teacher commented:

“Brighter Futures is delighted to support Olderfleet Primary School in their aim of providing greater digital exposure for pupils. There is no doubt that the use of IT equipment will dominate most careers in the future, so it is vital that local children are given the best chance to use and understand laptops and other IT devices within their educational experience.


“As a former teacher myself, I am especially pleased to support a local primary school under the ‘education and training’ category of our grants programme. We are keen to develop this area throughout 2023 and would encourage more centres of education to come forward if they need our support. Applications remain open!”

Are you working on a project within the Larne area which the Brighter Futures Community Fund Programme could support? You can fill in our application form by clicking here.

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