Electric Ireland Women's Challenge Cup R2
July 28, 2023, 7:30 pm
0 - 4
Glentoran Women
Inver Park
Women's First Team
Referee: Andrew Woodside

Match Report

It was a game of progress for the Inver Women, as they bowed out of the Electric Ireland Women’s Challenge Cup, after a 4-0 defeat at home against Glentoran Women.

The match started out well for the home side, not letting the East Belfast side get out of midfield but shortly after 15 minutes had gone, Glentoran came out in full force. Blast everything, they had at the defence, the Reds made decent work to keep the ball out of the back of the net. The home side made every move they could to keep the attack at bay, with the game played all in their own half.

The visitors, with Rachel Rogan and Rachel McIntyre made themselves known with continuous runs past the defensive line but were caught out before they could make anything of it. Ashleigh McKinnon did not find herself trouble on the night, with Larne only able to get a few runs past the midfield with Nina Morrison and Hollie Johnston trying their best to get something out of the match.

Having weathered the storm for the whole 45 minutes, on the stroke of half-time, Larne made two fatal errors that rewarded Chloe McCarron and Demi Vance a goal piece just before the whistle.

Going into the second half was to be much the same for the Inver Women with Joely Andrews taking several corner kicks that eventually led to a goal for herself and Demi Vance being rewarded with another goal for her efforts.

Despite the scoreline, it shows significant improvement in the team, having previously being beaten 7-0 by a similar squad in the league, filled with Northern Ireland International players. The Inver Women are on the right trajectory as they find their feet in the top-flight.

Larne Women:

Smith (GK), Nellins, Haveron (C), Hanna, Morton, Boyce, Morrison, H. Robinson, Dougherty, Johnston, Re. Robinson

SUBS: Maguire, Orlowska, McCourt, Ra. Robinson, Henderson

Glentoran Women:

McKinnon (GK), Timoney, McMaster, Caldwell (C), Vance, Rogan, Andrews, McIntrye, Bailie, Tweedie, McCarron

SUBS: Scott, Wilson, Weir, Beattie, McConaghy, McKearney, Cameron.