Women Premiership 
September 1, 2023, 7:45 pm
0 - 1
Crusaders Strikers
Inver Park
Attendance: 149
Women's First Team

Match Report

Andrew Morrison: Obviously a narrow 1-0 defeat, what did you make of the game?

Donald Malomo-Paris: I think this game, is unquestionably the best performance of the season. What pleases me most is the progress we’re making as a squad, in terms of when we’re in training, working on our performance. What happens is you stand there, looking as a coach, and thinking yes the team is getting it. In terms of our position in the league, and the opponents I’m extremely proud of the team.

AM: You said so yourself about the progress being made, considering they beat us 4-0 last time it shows so much progress in such a short period of time.

DP: Yes, even the last time they played us 4-0 away, we actually held our own. The game today you look at the goal we concede it, it doesn’t take away from the performance today. Overall from the coaches and me, from seeing the work we put in at training, we couldn’t ask for any more than what we did today.

AM: You say about the goal, the mistake on our part, is that just part of having a team of internationals who don’t have that lapse of judgment for a split second?

DP: Yes, that’s correct, but if anything, it’s a lesson learnt. As a group, we will learn from it, and we keep progressing. Everyone else in the league will look at the result and think “Oh right, they’re growing”. Going into this game it might have been a foregone conclusion about the result, but we put in a great performance.

AM: Obviously defensively you looked very strong, but even on the attack you looked good. Do you think on another day you could’ve taken a point or got the three points?

DP: This is what I’m talking about the progressing, won’t just happen in a day, our attack can be better but that’s just a matter of progress we’re looking for. Being able to keep composure on the ball, and complete the passes in the final third. We’re working on it in training, keep the composure, take a second to get your bearing. I’m confident we will get there.

AM: There were quite a number of fouls and a bit of a rough game, do you think this is something the team can learn from?

DP: Absolutely, look at Bernadette, she’s only 16 years old. That team kicked her left right and centre, but that’s the Premiership, they’ll know that it’s a young side ‘oh let’s get stuck into them, be physical’. The good thing for me was, that the team’s rhythm was never disturbed, they kept their shape, kept working and stayed compact. Can’t ask for much more from them.

AM: Another tough game on Wednesday away to Linfield, what are you expecting in that?

DP: You go from game to game; you look at the performance today, when you reflect on ‘the middle three teams’ we’ll go to them and ‘Bring it on’ we’ve put on that performance against them, there’s no reason why we can’t repeat it.