Larne Youth Round-up: 18th October

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Larne 2012 vs St. Matthew’s

On a cold morning the girls seemed to show an unusual lack of desire to commit to tackles, which plagues them for the rest of the sessions. While it was a goalless draw in the first session, the girls still defended well, but still sluggish in getting the ball up the field. Going into the next session, the girls utilised more of the field, with the girls breaking the deadlock with a great strike by Mia.

The final session saw two great goals by our Roxy, but also saw St. Matthew’s equalising, all from temporary lapses in defending and from changes in players being subbed on. While there are plenty of positives to take away from the game, with some great battles by Bella and Molly, and goals from Mia and Roxy. The girls will need to work om their tackling and pressing on the ball, but all will come in time.

SBYL Under 14

Larne vs Lisburn Girls

From beginning to the end the girls controlled play, with no player ever setting a wrong foot. Cara Noble and Lucy Urwin were simply fantastic in defence. From the goal scorers, we have Jodie Ferguson with her sublime hat-trick, Clare McAleese pushed into a defensive midfield position scored a cracker, Leah Pherson slotting a couple in, with Maggie Deller and Aoibh McLaughlin getting a goal each.

It was great morale raiser for the team, now it’s time to settle down and prepare for what’s next.

2013 7-a-side

Larne v Cliftonville

It was great day for the girls at the Valley today, with plenty of chances and tackles from the girls to go up 1-0 in the first session courtesy of Bailey.

Going into the second session it was all Larne’s way, with a great work ethic from the team. With some crunching tackles, some players maybe went too hard for win and sustained a few bruises. Jessica was able to sustain our lead going into the third session.

With some new blood being subbed on from Cliftonville the girls saw themselves more under attack and feeling the pressure. In the end the girls stayed cool calm and collected to see out the win with another goal from Bailey. A fantastic match from the girls against tough opposition.

SBYL Under 17 Divisional Cup

Larne vs St Oliver Plunkett

It was a feisty match up by two tough opponents, but unfortunately it wasn’t Larne’s day.

An on-going issue for the girls, they were slow to start and saw them selves go 1-0 down, but quickly enough the team woke up and the fight was on. An impressive free kick by Rachel Robinson was met by a Morgan Beattie’s header that settled neatly in the bottom corner.

With a decision going SOPFC’s way, the girls saw them go down again by a penalty. Though the team wasn’t done yet, with ten minutes remaining, the clinical finishing of Francesca Agnew were able to equalise. A tough game of football for both team, finishing a point each.

Despite the goals that were let in, Riley Harrison was simply superb in defensive, going for every tackle, who with Rebekah Robinson setup a rock solid partnership.

The captain Rachel Robinson, put in a great shift, driving the whole team forward and let up for a second.

SBYL Under 12

Larne vs Dungoyne

A fantastic shift today from the girls that saw them go ahead early on, with a good finish by Eryn Wilson. Having worked on her finishing in training, it was great to see her comfortable slot the ball in the bottom corner.

Going into the break the girls talked about being more ruthless upfront, were in the first half the girl would have maybe passed, instead of shooting on goal.

With some good runs by Sofie, Gracie and Holly on the wing. A corner kick came in, with Luci reacting quickly and her shot came off the Dungoyne defender and went in. All credit due to the opposition, they continued to battle on, Paisleigh, Luci and Faith had to work hard to defend against their attacks.

A toughly fought battle, girl had to fight for their 3 points.

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