Larne help to deliver healthy slice of CAKE to council staff

Feb 17, 2021 | Archive

In January, our first team coaching staff partnered up with Mid & East Antrim Borough Council to deliver the CAKE Project (Care Appreciation Knowledge Encouragement) to its employees.

In November 2020, the Health & Wellbeing Forum within Mid and East Antrim Borough Council was successful in applying for funding form the Northern Healthy Living Partnership to provide activities as part of the “Choose to Live Better Festival” which took place between the 4th and 29th January 2021 This project was rolled out over a three-week period and focused on: physical activity, healthy eating and mental health & wellbeing.

As part of the internal campaign, our Head of Performance Michael O’Boyle delivered a remote presentation to Council staff, emphasising the importance of a healthy lifestyle while also providing an insight into the world of professional sport and an athlete’s lifestyle. During the Zoom call, Michael explained in detail the role of key food groups, an example of a weekly diet plan and steps to build muscle/effective weight loss.

Speaking after delivering his presentation, Michael O’Boyle said: “It was a great experience for me to get involved with the local council and try to influence their staff wellbeing.

“The CAKE project is a great incentive for their colleagues to take charge of their health. The idea of the presentation was to educate the staff of the council on how to fuel their bodies appropriately to maximise performance.

“Just like our first team, how we treat and fuel our bodies will have a significant impact on how we perform, which closely correlates with the wellbeing and health.”

A Council spokesperson said: “In a time of renewed uncertainty and after many months of being physically separated from one another we wanted the project to provide information, connection and support to as many staff as possible.

“The aim was to have Teams/Zoom sessions, challenges, information sharing and training with staff participating throughout. We wanted to start a new year with a strong focus on wellbeing and I hope that we all can take the fun and learning from CAKE with us well into 2021.”

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