Interview: Kate Smith goes pro

Jan 11, 2024 | Womens, Club News

Interviewer: Kate, congratulations on becoming the first women’s player in the club’s history to sign a professional contract. How happy are you to be extending your stay at Inver Park?

Kate: I’m very happy. The team are all really nice and everything has come together really well. Since I joined the club, everyone has been so supportive from all of the players to the staff. I’m looking forward to seeing what the future brings here at Inver Park.

Interviewer: What were the key factors in deciding that Larne was the place to continue your development?

Kate: There are really good facilities here. You can go up to the training centre (Larne Academy of Sport) and access the gym whenever you need and they have all of the equipment and facilities that you need to grow and develop as a player. Obviously, the team that we have here played a big part in my decision to stay at Larne, we enjoyed a strong season last year and I think it has made everyone hungry to keep progressing and see how far we can go.

Interviewer: You just completed your first season at the club in 2023, how did you find playing in the Women’s Premiership?

Kate: At the start, I found it tricky making the step up from where I was playing. The difference in the standard makes it difficult to get used to but I felt like I put in good performances throughout the season and showed what I am capable of.  It was a challenge, but one that I enjoyed and I am looking forward to the new season starting in the next couple of months.

Interviewer: Looking ahead, as a player, what aims have you set yourself for the future?

Kate: I always want to get better and help the team to progress. I want to continue playing Premiership football here at Inver Park. Being involved at international level, that is another aspect of my game that I am eager to keep progressing. Overall, I just want to keep developing and become the best player that I can be and I feel that Inver Park is the best environment to make that happen.

Interviewer: Lastly, how do you feel that you can support the team in achieving the goals for this season and beyond?

Kate: By continuing to progress, both personally and as a team. We had a great debut season in the Premiership last year which we want to build on. In terms of myself, I just want to be an ever-present for the squad and be someone that they can rely upon within the backline of the team.

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