HerGameToo: One Year On

Mar 8, 2023 | Club News, All News, Community, Womens

On International Women’s Day 2022, the club became the first in Northern Ireland to partner up with HerGameToo in raising awareness of sexism within the footballing industry.

As part of our commitments towards ensuring Larne Football Club remains a club to be enjoyed by all, Margaret Ferguson was appointed our official HerGameToo Ambassador.

Also joining our supporter liaison team, Margaret has been in this position for just over one year. We sat down with Margaret to find out how she has enjoyed the role so far…

Q. How have you found the role as HerGameToo Ambassador so far?

MF: It’s been very enjoyable so far. I love everything football related and even more so everything Larne Football Club orientated, so it’s been great to be involved with the SLO team. I’ve specifically enjoyed seeing the increase in attendances at games this season, especially so many of these being girls, women and families who regularly attend Inver Park.

Q. We have noticed an increase in the number of girls, women and families attending Inver Park this season, how proud does that make you feel?

MF: Yes, it’s been really good to see the increase in numbers at games. I have particularly noticed the number of young girls who are coming to games, being really comfortable and enjoying the atmosphere. This has been particularly evident in the Church End, which is traditionally the most atmospheric area of the stadium and there are so many females getting involved with the atmosphere which is fantastic.

Q. Away from the men’s team, our women’s side have been promoted to the NIFL Premiership. Do you think this will serve as an inspiration to young girls within our community?

MF: The success of our women’s team to date has been phenomenal, which will only encourage young girls who have a passion for football to get involved in the girls academy. As their success continues this will lead to more and more girls within our community getting involved with the sport and our club.

Q. After a successful first year in the role, what do you hope to achieve going forward?

MF: As we’ve said previously, we want to keep encouraging more females and families to come and enjoy everything that there is to be had around the club. I certainly love it, and I love bringing my children to matchdays. I would encourage any females, whether you have an interest in football or not, to come and try the experience as once you’re in, you’re hooked!

Supporters can find out more about HerGameToo by visiting https://www.hergametoo.co.uk/.

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