Donald Malomo-Paris reflects on heavy Glentoran loss

Aug 13, 2023 | Club News, Womens

The Inver Women suffered one of their heaviest defeat of the season on Friday, against table-topping Glentoran.

Boss Donald Malomo-Paris sat down with Kyle McClure to discuss what was a tough game for his side, following the 10-0 loss at Ashfield Boys High School.

KM: Donald, a tough result on the road, what’s your thoughts on the match?

DP: It’s one of those matches where you look ahead and think what the outcome could be, we’re playing against a top-quality side full of international players. In my opinion, they came out all guns blazing after that last game against us. What we told the team beforehand in a match like this, is to stay organised, support each other. To be honest we did that for 35 minutes. It was just that lapse of concentration, which is just down to hard work, working that hard it became tiring and the fatigue, then comes the first mistake and the second mistake. Then it became just a case of giving the team a bit of encouragement, stay concentrated, but in terms of the effort, I’m extremely happy with the team.

KM: We now face another top opponent, away to Cliftonville, considering this result what are the expectations going into that match?

DP: Well if you remember our first run of games, where we played these teams back-to-back, so this game will only put us in good stead. When we came out in the second half, it was more or less the same as the first. We had our shape, we kept compact, so when we look back at this game – it was just the fatigue and not stepping. Next week I’m looking for the same effort and we’ll see what we can get out of the game.

KM: We head home in September to face Derry City, the Larne fans have come out to support the team this season. What would you say to them?

DP: Our fans have been great this season, I appeal to them when we come home, make a lot of noise, bring that energy for the team. Give them the confidence to go out – we need that. When we come back from some tough games to a game where we can get something, we need that extra fan, that 12th player to carry us along the line. I’m looking forward to coming home to Inver.

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