Club response to news of job losses in the town

Nov 5, 2020 | Archive

AS a Club we have noted today’s news of substantial job losses at Caterpillar with much sadness.

Over the last number of years especially, we have aimed to place ourselves at the centre of life in our town through various community initiatives, both at Inver Park and in the area itself.

The vast majority of the people who make up the lifeblood of our club, from board members to supporters, trustees, players, academy and staff live within our town, with many more having their roots in Larne.

We therefore understand the grave impact that the expected loss of half the workforce from one of Larne’s largest employers is likely to have.

We know this will have a detrimental effect on those directly employed by the business, as well as those who involved in the supply chain around it.

As a club we want those who are fearful for the future to know that we stand with you.

The times we are living through, means the 1889 Club is currently closed and the allowed capacity of Inver Park on matchdays is less than our number of Season Ticket holders. All of this adds up to mean that many of the initiatives and offers of help we would naturally offer aren’t available to us at this moment in time.

However, in the coming weeks and months we will be actively exploring ways that we can show that practical support to those who are likely to be impacted by today’s news.


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