Chairman’s Update – Friday 29th November

Nov 29, 2019 | Archive

TOMORROW, we travel to the National Stadium at Windsor Park to represent both our football club and our town.

As Chairman, I go into the game with a feeling of both immense pride and privilege. 

Pride in what we have achieved, both on and off the pitch to get us to this point, and privileged that I have the honour of helping to lead and craft the future of our great club, rich in the knowledge that the benefits of what we do will spread both socially and economically to our town.

This is a challenge I fully embrace and an honour that is not lost on me.

A cloud has been cast over our wee town this week, with the tragic events that unfolded in the shadow of Inver Park on Tuesday evening.

As a town we are rallying behind the family and friends of young Gracie, and as a club we are quietly doing the same. Let’s continue to do this as I know the warmth and love is out there, in the hearts and minds of our people.

Let’s travel tomorrow with pride, let’s show plenty of passion, bring plenty of colour but ultimately let’s believe.

Believe in Tiernan, believe in the boys, make sure we get this message on to the pitch and hey, you just never know.

Thanks for your unwavering support.





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