Chairman’s Message: Irish Cup semi-final

Mar 29, 2024 | All News, First Team

On the eve of the Clearer Water Irish Cup semi-final, I want to send my best wishes to the boys as they prepare to face Cliftonville FC. This is a game filled with potential for both teams, where victory is within reach for each. With two squads brimming with athleticism, quality, and match-winning talent, it promises to be a closely contested battle of skill and determination.

As Al Pacino famously said in the film Any Given Sunday, “the inches we need are everywhere around us,” emphasizing the importance of every moment and every effort. Tomorrow evening, those inches will also be found in the stands, where your support can make all the difference.

Let’s bring the colour, bring the noise, be loud, be very proud, and stand united behind our team. In a game of fine margins, every ounce of support counts. Together, let’s create an atmosphere that inspires greatness and propels the boys towards a positive result.

Good luck, and may the team feel the strength of our unwavering support.



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