Brighter Futures Grant Programme Open For Applications!

Oct 15, 2021 | Archive

We are delighted to advise you that following a lengthy assessment of our original programme, we are once again open for business and looking forward to supporting you in the excellent work you do individually and collectively throughout the community. As we have changed our criteria and application process, please read the information below carefully, before considering an application:

There are now four areas that we will be supporting within the Larne bounds of the Mid and East Antrim Council area. These are as follows:

  • Sport and Recreation: To promote community participation in healthy sporting activities by providing facilities and grants for the playing of association football and other sports, and for the provision of recreation and leisure-time activities for all.
  • Business Enterprise: Provide support for young people and adults to encourage entrepreneurship, business start-up and commercial opportunities through seed funding and other grant aid for all involved in social enterprise.
  • Education and Training: Advance the education and training of children, young people and adults through the provision of funding and support for developmental opportunities that will enable career advancement and the attainment of personal objectives for all.
  • Community Needs: To provide support to our communities with appropriate programmes and initiatives that help those most disadvantaged, vulnerable and most in need.

In addition to this, we will shortly be launching a micro-grant programme in association with The Stephen Clements Foundation, which will focus on mental health.

Just as a reminder, the main changes are as follows:

  1. Once the grant programme opens, it will be a rolling programme – there will be no closing date, so you will have the flexibility to apply whenever it suits you to do so.
  2. The maximum amount available in the main programme will be £500. This is due to the high level of applications we previously received and will ensure that as many organisations and individuals can avail of the support they need. This upper limit may change in due course, but for now, no applications exceeding £500 will be accepted and we would ask you to request what you need and not simply opt for the full amount available.
  3. The Business Enterprise criteria will now only be open to social enterprises/social entrepreneurs. Private companies are not eligible to apply for funding.

If you are interested in applying for a grant from either programme you need to do the following:

  1. Send an email, requesting an Expression of Interest Form, to The Strategic Advisor of The Brighter Futures Grant Programme at the following address:
  2. You will be forwarded a short form to complete and return to the same email address. This is to ensure that you do not waste your time on an application outside our criteria and that our Trustees can focus more fully on the applications which will achieve greater impact within our new strategy.
  3. If eligible to apply, you will be invited to attend a workshop to hear more about the programme and how to strengthen your application, as it will be competitive.
  4. Depending upon the number of applications received, the Trustees would aim to assess your application and get back to you with a decision within 12 weeks.

We very much look forward to working in partnership with you to make Larne an active, healthy and even more community-focused area, where no one goes without and we can assist you with bringing your ingenious plans for a Brighter Future to life!

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