Brighter Futures donate 12 more ‘Laptops for Larne’

Mar 29, 2022 | Archive

We are delighted to announce that our official charity Brighter Futures have handed out a further 12 laptops to six local primary schools as part of the ‘Laptops for Larne’ appeal in partnership with The RUSA Foundation.

The initiative, which aims to provide pre-owned laptop devices for those who require them within the Larne Borough, saw 12 laptops delivered by the club’s Community Engagement Team to St John’s (Carnlough), Seaview (Glenarm), Cairncastle, Linn, Moyle and St. Macnissis.

By handing out these devices, Brighter Futures and The RUSA Foundation aim to assist the primary schools in delivering the best possible learning for children within the Larne community, alongside building confidence and improving mental health by providing a way of communicating virtually with their peers.

Sandara Kelso-Robb, Brighter Futures’ Strategic Advisor said: “We are delighted to continue our ‘Laptops for Larne’ initiative with The RUSA Foundation and to hand out a further 12 laptops to six primary schools across the Larne Borough.

“I would also like to thank everyone who helped us source the laptops, and to the primary schools who have been enthusiastic in welcoming the initiative, allowing us to give local children the additional support that they deserve.

“Brighter Futures looks forward to hearing about the positive benefits that these laptops will bring, and to continuing our work in the future as we seek to build on our positive relationships within the Larne community.”

Ross Lazaroo-Hood, Founder and Trustee of The RUSA Foundation, added: “The RUSA Foundation are delighted to be able to continue supporting our ‘Laptops for Larne’ initiative with Brighter Futures. The joint-initiative is one which we believe will grow as a long-term project, by taking laptops some view as no longer needed and giving them to those who need them most, allowing each individual who benefits to further fulfil their potential.”

Sitki Gelmen, a second Founder and Trustee of The RUSA Foundation commented: “The batch of 12 laptops which have been handed out across the Larne Borough will provide support for some and act as a lifeline for others. The RUSA Foundation are proud to partner with Brighter Futures and look forward to supporting the Larne community more in the future.

“Ross and I would like to thank everyone who helped us source the laptops including Mills and Reeves LLP, and to the primary schools who have benefited in our initiative.”


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